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Percept 97 2023 tennis racket

Tennis racket for demanding and professional players. Weight 310 g, head 97 in2, balance 310 mm.

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The new YONEX Percept series, replacing the popular VCORE PRO series, is intended for intermediate and professional players who like consistency and confidence in powerful shots. It is also ideal for those looking for a strong racket connection and stable ball trajectory for consistent playability. A beautiful design with the clash of two concepts that symbolize opposing elements creates a calm yet energetic look. The basic olive color symbolizes harmony and sophistication without being too bold, while the darker pink color gives the racket a distinctive, calm touch. Thanks to three main advantages, the new Yonex Percept tennis rackets will feel like an extension of your own hand: - SERVO FILTER reduces unwanted vibrations and focuses on the transmission of useful vibrations to the hand during the ball play. - The FlexCon system enables 10% more ball-pocketing and thus ensures the player even better control of the ball. - Stable Trajectory - The stiffer racket frame allows for a stable and consistent ball trajectory. Percept 97: - length: 27 in - weight: 310 g (unstrung) - head size: 97 in2 - balance: 310 mm - material: 2G-Namd Flex Force, H.M. Graphite - frame width: 21.0 mm / 21.0 mm / 21.0 mm - string pattern: 16 x 19


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