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Make your sport safer and get the Mouth Guard by Howies. The moldable mouthguard delivers the proper teeth protection from outer hits and shocks. Mouth guards can help absorb hits to your head and increase your safety. It is easy to mold it to the specific dental shape. Just place or immerse it to the hot water for a several seconds, remove it from, bite it and that is it. You are little bit more ready to the clash on ice. The Mouth Guard does not contains latex. If the fit is not perfect, repeat the fitting procedure and when the fit is too big, trim a small amount off the ends. To clean the mouthguard, rinse it in water and brush with toothpaste.

Directions for fitting:
1. Boil water. Remove boiled water from heat and let stand for 30 seconds. Place guard in hot water for 35 seconds. Only the guard should be covered with water.
2. Remove guard from hot water. Immediately, shake water off guard and place in mouth, centering channel around upper teeth. (The guard will be warm but will not burn)
3. When the upper teeth are centered in the channel, bite gently into the guard and suck out the air and water in the guard by pressing tongue against the back of upper teeth.
4. Leave guard in mouth for 30 seconds, then remove and place under running cold water.

Despre producator Howies
Producator Howies
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