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Speed 120 2023 squash racket

Modern squash racket 120g for attacking players, preferring the front of the court, who want a better feel for the shot.

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The HEAD Speed 120 2023 squash racket is perfect for attacking players who enjoy the front of the court and demand more feel for the shot. With an improved construction with Auxetic technology, you get a wonderful feel. The racket is also recommended by Saurav Ghosal or Olivia Fiechter. This racket was made using the most advanced technologies of the HEAD brand. It boasts an innovative modern design in metallic dark shades. While the racquet's neck boasts Octagonal Power technology for improved playability, its ultra-modern frame weighs just 120 grams and features Stringbed X-Tension technology to give it more power. Another technology in the range is HEAD's Adaptive Fan Pattern, where you can choose between a straight string pattern to give you more power, a special fan-shaped string to give you more control, or a teardrop string for extra power. - Auxetic construction for a great feel for the strike - intended for offensive players who prefer the front part of the court and want to have a better feel for the shot - recommended by Saurav Ghosal and Olivia Fiechter - new design in metallic dark shades OCTAGONAL POWER TECHNOLOGY (OPT) - a technology that is characterized by greater power and solid feel due to the octagonal shape of the structure. STRINGBED X-TENSION - A groove in the top of the frame increases the space where the strings can move when making contact with the ball. This allows for longer use of the trampoline effect and creates greater acceleration. It gives you extra power and ball speed. AFP - More power or more control - now you can have it all in one squash racket. The new Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) technology allows you to choose between two different string patterns to suit your individual playing style and personal requirements. You can choose between a straight string pattern to maximize power and a specially shaped string to optimize ball control. The new AFP technology is available for Radical & Speed rackets. - weight: 120g - head size 500 cm² / 78 in² - balance: head heavy - string pattern: 12 x 17 - frame: 20


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